Landscape Construction Set

GM Future Designs knows that a well-drawn set of landscaping plans is crucial in the landscape construction process. To ensure that we make our clients visions come to life, we provide all clients with a professional and thorough set of plans with only the best architectural landscape designs. Our plans are complete and designed around or clients' specifications and budget to provide a best in class landscape solution.

We help our clients through the construction process by getting bids from professional and qualified contractors to assure that the landscape planning is well understood and the overall vision is kept.

GM Future Designs provides the following plans as part of a complete construction set for all commercial and residential landscape designs:

  • Construction Plan
    • Dimensions and heights
    • Material finish schedule
    • Construction Details
    • Landscape Elevations
  • Planting Plan
    • Plant Botanical names, common names, sizes and quantities
    • Plant blooming periods
    • Planting Details
  • Irrigation Plan
    • Plant water needs
    • Spray irrigation
    • Xero-Scape irrigation
    • Water District Calculations
    • Irrigation Details
  • Lighting Plan
    • Landscape lighting fixture schedule
    • Light function and purpose
    • Lighting Details